Prosepad is a modern blogging platform built for content marketers

The modern business must earn customers' attention & confidence in order to get ahead of the competition.

It's about time there was a blogging platform designed to help your business secure that #1 spot.

Create content that ranks in search

Handy on-page SEO tools and best practice tips help you earn more organic traffic, while automatic keyword tracking makes it easy to watch your articles rise in rank.

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A powerful engine, under the hood

Choose a subdomain ( for your blog and let us handle the heavy-lifting. You have too much on your plate to worry about hosting, security, or updates.

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content marketing blogging platform - fast

Lightning fast

Your articles are published as mobile-friendly static pages on a global CDN, which means they'll load almost instantly — even on slow connections.

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Grow your customer base

Our call-to-action and AB testing suite helps your business convert readers into leads. After all, that's why you're blogging in the first place.

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content marketing blogging platform - digital

A digital marketer's toolbox

Easily integrate with all your favorite analytics tools and push leads to your email marketing service or sales CRM.

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content marketing blogging platform - grow

Ready, set, grow

Plan and execute on your team's content strategy — all in one place. Schedule content and assign it to anyone, even freelancers, so you can rapidly scale what's working.

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